Alexander Storm

Soldier hired as Bodyguard from The Gladius Legion


Human 2.0


Agility 1d8

Smarts 1d8

Spirt 1d6

Strength 1d6

Vigor 1d6

Charisma 2 (-4 to Xeno rolls)
Pace +6
Parry +6
Toughness +6, Shield
4, Armor+8 (+6 additional v. Lasers)


Fighting- Blades 1d8

Shooting 1d8

Knowledge- Battle 1d6

Investigation 1d4

Intimidation(Physical)- 1d6

Interrogation 1d6

Survival (Forest) 1d6

Athletic- 1d6

Notice 1d8 (2 if ambush or similar circumstance, Bodyguard)(2 if vision notice roll)

Piloting- Hoverboard 1d8

Major Hindrances-

(Arrogant- Racial)

Xenophile −4 Charisma when interacting with other races

Minor Hindrances-

Code of Honor- Gladius Rex- Honor is very important to your character. He keeps his word,
won’t abuse or kill prisoners, and generally tries to operate
within his world’s particular notion of proper gentlemanly or
ladylike behavior.


Body Guard
+2 to Notice; spend Benny to intercept incoming attack

+1 Toughness; 5,000 credits in weapons, armor, and/or Augments

Attractive (Racial)

Quick (Augment)
Quick characters have lightning-fast reflexes and a cool
head. Whenever you are dealt a 5 or lower in combat, you
may discard and draw again until you get a card higher than 5.
Characters with both the Level Headed and Quick Edges
draw their additional card and take the best as usual. If that
card is a Five or less, the Quick Edge may be used to draw
a replacement until it’s Six or higher.


Filters in the ears, nose, throat, and lungs remove most
airborne toxins and increase oxygen intake. The hero adds +4 to rolls
made to resist the effects of airborne disease, poison, or deadly gases,
and Thin or Dense Atmosphere.

Armor (U): Subdermal plates or fibers have been placed beneath the
character’s skin, granting him +2 Armor all over. This stacks with
normal Armor.

Communicator (1): A small radio has been built into the character’s
skull. It has a range of five miles and can communicate with standard
radio equipment.

Fight or Flight
Grants the Quick Edge

Adrenal Surge
The character’s adrenal gland has been surgically
augmented. He receives +2 to recover from being Shaken. This stacks
with the Combat Reflexes Edge.

Vision Enhancement
Vision Enhancement (1): Cybernetic eyes grant magnification (50×),
thermal, and low-light vision. This adds +2 to appropriate sight-based
Notice rolls and eliminates illumination penalties if in the appropriate
mode. Changing modes is a free action.

General Load
1 energy tent.
Non penetrating binoculars.
Commlinks for those without TAPs.
Personal Data Device for those without TAPs.
Water Purification Filter, reusable, rechargeable.
Smartsuit, chosen for a reasonable fit.
Rebreather, rechargeable.
1 Colony standard energy pistol, for emergencies.
2d6 damage, AP 2, Semi-automatic, 50 shots per recharge.
Vambrace sensor suite (50 yard range)
Custom software suites for your TAP or PDD as well as your sensor suite to enhance your work.
Monoblade utility/survival knife.
Str+d4+2, AP 2

Consumable Inventory
One hydrolysis machine, coffin-sized, for generating hydrogen and oxygen.
One fusion core, coffin-sized, for generating electricity from hydrogen and oxygen.
One 3-D printer, with 100lbs of base block. Low power load.
One 3-D matter assembler, with nano forge. MASSIVE power load.
Durable all-weather lighting. Negligible power load.
Prefabricated pallet sized “plastic” plates for building structures.
Tools and fasteners for same.
One functional coffin-sized prepacked lab for each scientist on the team.
Variable power load, depending on specialty and task.

Beginning load out as issues by THE COMPANY
One Combat Armor with integral Energy Skin.
These suits include a full jumpsuit, helmet, load-bearing harness for a backpack or other gear, boots, and gloves. The vest (5 lb, $300) and helmet (2 lb, $100)
may also be worn separately. Combat armor adds 6 Armor and negates up to 4 points of AP from ballistic attacks (but not energy or melee). (12 lb, $800)
Energy Skin: This lightweight, reflective material greatly disperses focused light, granting +6 Armor vs lasers. It offers no protection against other attacks.
Energy skins may be worn on top of (or fastened to) other types of armor, but is obvious, shiny, and subtracts 2 from vision based Stealth rolls.
One plasma rifle.
Range 24/48/96 Damage: 3d10 RoF 1 Shots 24 — Weight 12
Notes: HW, affects least-armored area, target may catch fire. Plasma packs cost $40 each
and weigh 1 pound.
One plasma pistol.
Range12/24/48 Damage 2d10
2 RoF 1 Shots 8 — Weight 7 $600
Notes: HW, affects least-armored area, target may catch fire. Plasma packs cost $20 each
and weigh .5 pounds.

These three items are kept in lockup by the Quartermaster until requisitioned.

In personal kit are:
Software for your sensor suite to analyze weapons, armor, explosive compounds, and device function.
Two sentry bots.
Sentries are spherical robots bristling with
sensor knobs and armed with two integral
laser SMGs.
Cost: $11K; Remaining Mods: 0
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d4,
Strength d4, Vigor d4
Skills: Notice d8, Shooting d8, Stealth d6
Pace: —; Parry: 2; Toughness: 6 (4)
Gear: The robot has two laser SMGs rather
than arms. Range 15/30/60, Damage 1–3d6,
RoF 4. Each gun has 48 shots.
Special Abilities:
• Armor +4: Additional plating.
• Flight: Pace 6”, Climb 1.
• Immobile: Sentry bots cannot move
except when using their Flight ability.
• Sensor Suite: +4 Notice vs sound, motion,
chemicals, radiation, and electrical fields
up to 500 yards distant.
• Size –2: Sentry robots are the size of

One stun rifle with double batteries. (24 shots)
Stun Gun Range 5/10/20 — RoF1 Shots 24 — Weight 1 $300
Notes: After a target is hit, he must make a Vigor roll or fall prone and Incapacitated. At
the start of each subsequent action, he makes a Vigor roll to revive. Success means he
revives but is Shaken for the round and can recover on the next as usual A raise means he
revives instantly and is not Shaken. An unpowered stun weapon does normal damage.

It has a non-safety setting for emergencies and doubles as a blaster rifle.
ROF24/48/96, Damage 2d8+2, RoF 1, AP 2
You also have one dozen stationary networked sensors.
These can be slaved to a TAP or PDD
Each is a match for your vambrace, but acts much like a security camera. You set them up, they look around without moving from their position.
These tools are designed to give you the tools to keep the base secure, and protect science teams leaving the perimeter on missions.
Your coffin-lab is a deployable security hub computer, for tactical situation analysis. Multiple AI co-processors, holo-displays…
It also doubles as a recharging station for your two sentry bots.

Personal Inventory
Gladius Honoratum- Str+d8+2, 4 AP Molecular Blade: Edged weapons such as daggers or swords can be given a monofilament, “molecular,” or extremely thin edge, making
them far sharper than usual. This gives the weapon +2 damage and
adds half its damage die type in AP (
2 AP for a d4, +4 AP for a d8, and
so on). Molecular blades require no power.

Scutum Hover Shield- A lightweight skateboard
-sized device that allows the user to hover a
few inches off the ground using the Piloting
skill. This version is powered and gives the
user an Acceleration of 5 and a Top Speed of
20. (2 lb, $200) These devices function
exactly like regular shields, but are much
more lightweight and durable. They add
+4 Armor vs attacks instead of +2.
(Small: 2 lb, $200; Medium: 4 lb, $300; Large:
6 lb, $400).
2 Scopes
Scopes may be mounted on rifles
or other longarms. When using the Aim
maneuver, the character adds an additional
+2 to Shooting rolls against targets at
Medium, Long, or Extreme Range (see page
27 for rules on Extreme Range). For 3× the
price, the scope also includes Low Light
and Night Vision, which can activated as a
free action and eliminates all illumination
In addition to the benefits above, scopes
add +2 to Notice rolls made to view things at
a distance. (1 lb, $300)
Wall Walker System: With these gloves,
kneepads, and shoe-tips, a user can climb
any sort of sheer surface—from smooth
glass to rough stone. The character makes
Climbing rolls as usual but ignores penalties
for the surface. The system also adds +2 to
the user’s climbing Pace. (2 lb, $300)

Military Rations, Hermetically Sealed, 2 year supply, 1 person

Left over funds- $600


Hailing from a severely Xenophobic military group known as the Gladius Legion, Alexander Storm embodies their traditional values- super patriotic warrior who abides by a strict honor code.

Picture found at ; permission requested but not yet received. I did not generate nor purchase this work and it is entirely the property of its respective owners.

Alexander Storm

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