Rat Hybrid :

Animal Reflexes: Stealth hybrids start with a d6 in Stealth
and Climbing.

Enhanced Senses: Stealth hybrids have +2 to Notice rolls
with one sense of the player’s choice (Sight).

Low Light Vision: Stealth hybrids ignore penalties for Dim
and Dark lighting, allowing them to see in all but pitch
black conditions.

Small: Stealth hybrids tend to have a frail frame and have
-1 Toughness.

Agility d10 (d12)
Smarts d10
Spirit d6
Strength d4
Vigor d6

Charisma 0
Pace 8 (12)
Parry 4
Toughness 5+4
Armor 6
Firewall 4
Strain 6/6

Athletics(Ag) d10 Mountaineering, Rope, Rappelling, Lake
Stealth (Ag) d10 Sneaking, Hiding
Fighting (Ag) d8 Blades, Unarmed
Knowledge (Sm) d6 Cartography
Notice (Sm) d8 Visual
Piloting (Ag) d4 Hover
Shooting (Ag) d10 Pistol, Rifle, Energy Pistol, Energy Rifle
Survival (Sm) d6 Forest
Tracking (Sm) d6 Humans, Animals

Curious – Major
Loyal – Minor
Habit – Minor

[11:26:53 PM] Majin: Sniper
Requirements: Seasoned, Smarts d6+, Shooting d8+
You are trained to compensate for gravity, distance, wind, and other factors that might otherwise
spoil a well-placed shot. You know where, and how, to aim to deal the most damage to your
opponent with a ranged weapon.
When making a ranged attack against a foe you have The Drop on, you may use a d10 instead
of d6 for your Wild Die.


Armor – subdermal, +2 armor, 1 strain, $3000
Attribute Increase +1 Agi 2 strain, $3000
Filters – 1 strain, $5000 +4 to rolls vs airborne disease, poison, gases, and Thin or Dense atmosphere.
Leg Enhancement – 2 strain, $5000 +2 Pace, +1 die type on running related rolls. +1 extra Pace on jumps.


Mercury combat suit : 4 Armor, +4 Pace, Running +1 and Agility +1 die type
Optional 8:1 Glide ratio jump pack, takes the slot normally used for heavy weapons mount.

Sniper Rifle $700, AP 4, HW, Snapfire, 50 bucks per 25 ammo (8 lbs), 50/100/200, 2d10, Clip 12, 8 lbs
Added silencer, flash supressor. Enemy must make Notice rolls at -2 to notice weapon discharge.

Zipling grapple gun and rig $700

Energy tent.
Non penetrating binoculars.
Commlinks for those without TAPs.
Personal Data Device for those without TAPs.
Water Purification Filter, reusable, rechargeable.
Smartsuit, chosen for a reasonable fit.
Rebreather, rechargeable.
1 Colony standard energy pistol, for emergencies. 2d6 damage, AP 2, Semi-automatic, 50 shots per recharge.
Vambrace sensor suite (50 yard range)
Custom software suites for your TAP or PDD as well as your sensor suite to enhance your work.
Monoblade utility/survival knife. Str+d4+2, AP 2

A glide-capable smart suit.
Camo suit.
Backpack augmenter for your sensor suite (cranks the range up to 500 yards)
Monomachete Str d8+2, AP 4
Cartographic AI (automapper)
Climbing gear.
One hover cycle, on board the dropship. To be used as needed, requisition only.

Okay, so, deployed with you is:
One hydrolysis machine, coffin-sized, for generating hydrogen and oxygen.
One fusion core, coffin-sized, for generating electricity from hydrogen and oxygen.
One 3-D printer, with 100lbs of base block. Low power load.
One 3-D matter assembler, with nano forge. MASSIVE power load.
Durable all-weather lighting. Negligable power load.
Prefabricated pallet sized “plastic” plates for building structures.
Tools and fasteners for same.
One functional coffin-sized prepacked lab for each scientist on the team.
Variable power load, depending on specialty and task.

ONE internal atmospheric stabilizer, coffin-sized, light power load.
Atmospheric conduit.
Atmospheric sealant, sheets and gel.
FOUR rebreather equipped hazardous environment suits.
Four coffins full of land-clearing tools. Chainsaws, matter cutter, matter remover, etc. Each rechargeable.
The Rhino, which has onboard atmo generation and abundant power from it’s own fusion core.
The mech, which has same.
The dropship, which has same.
In a pinch, one could recharge on any of the three vehicles, if the camp fusion core is inaccessible.
Yes, this is an intentional redundancy supplied by the government.

[9:00:31 PM] Hans “Infernalistgamer” Watts: Spacesuit: This is a typical airtight
spacesuit made of flexible fabric with air and
heat. It provides (Model Specific) Armor, and includes a
helm with a two-way radio (50 mile range)
and Heads Up Display (HUD) to display
atmospheric composition or incoming
messages. Canisters for the suits contain
eight hours of oxygen, and an integral
headlamp provides powerful illumination.
Spacesuits provide complete protection
against cold and vacuum, and are shielded
against radiation (+4 to resistance rolls
versus more intense sources). If the wearer
suffers a wound in a vacuum, he must apply
an adhesive patch (see page 14) as an action.
If he doesn’t, he suffers depressurization
(see Vacuum, page 26) the following round.
For an extra $1,000, the suit contains a
small thruster system that allows the wearer
to maneuver in zero-gravity for up to eight
hours. (20 lb, $2K)

The armor (Mercury, above) has an internal
communications array, with “officer down” biosensor uplink
and shoulder-mount camcorder with uplink. Also, comes with
a riot shield.
• Riot Shield: (+1 Parry, +2 Armor vs ranged attacks)
[9:04:39 PM] Hans “Infernalistgamer” Watts: Includes combat knife quickrelease
inverted sheath (free action to ready), knife sold


XP 25
Rank Seasoned

1) +1 Smarts
2) +1 Shooting, Fighting
3) +1 Notice, Athletics
4) +1 Tracking, Stealth
5) Sniper Edge


Star Crusade Briessa