Species: Drakota (Bioelite Human)
Species Traits:
Quantum Algorithms: The drakota use a technical language, computer coding, and non-linear UI setup for their advanced machinery which is well beyond the standard used by the Colonies. Combined with Quantum Entanglement communications and equipment specs made for taloned, square handed humanoids.. the drakota have some difficulty adapting to technology from other worlds. All drakota suffer a -2 penalty to using computers and other devices.

Cerebral co-opting: The drakota re-engineered their brains long before their flesh. New instincts were added, neural pathways changed to enhance shock capacity, and subconscious capacity overtook the importance of enhanced thought. As such, all drakota suffer a -1 penalty to Smarts rolls.

Will to Power: The drakota are a supremely willful species, trusting only in themselves and their personal and collective racial power. They rarely respect anyone that is not of their own, but those who show powerful moral codes and high competency at a profession are regarded as equals. They come off as cold, lacking in compassion and tact, and unwilling to cooperate with others. Drakota have -2 Charisma.

Dragonform: The drakota’s bodies were built to have resilience to one of the most hostile environments mankind has ever colonized. From skin like scales and chitin that can turn aside fire, acid and ice to symbiote lifeforms in their blood which soak and neutralize radioactive energy, to evolving white blood cells.. everything about them was made to endure their terrible realm. Drakota have 2 armor which stacks with worn armor, and a + 4 to rolls to resist all negative environmental conditions. (heat, cold, pressure, radiation, disease, etc.) They also gain 4 armor against elemental attacks.

Leaper: Drakota have mildly digitigrade legs with muscle coils that allow them to move in rapid bursts and jump lengthy distances with ease. Most drakota use this as their primary method of movement in fields, forests, and advanced cities. Drakota have double the normal jumping and double the extra distance they gained from successful strength rolls.
Natural Razor Weapons: The drakota have claws, fangs, and a powerful bladed tail made from materials like metal and strong muscle and skeletal support. Drakota do not count as unarmed defenders and may make an attack that does Strength+1d6 damage with AP 2.

Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d10, Spirit d8, Strength d6, Vigor d6
Skills: Athletics d6 (Climbing, leaping), fighting d4 (martial art, pole arms), knowledge d8 (xeno-botany, microbiology, pathology, ecology), shooting d4 (pistols), notice d8 (audio), piloting d6 (flight), survival d4 (jungle)
Cha: -2, Pace: 8, Parry: 5, Toughness: 9 (4)
Hindrances: Bad eyes (minor), code of honor (major), FTL sickness (minor), curiosity (major)
Edges: Heavy-G World

Weapons: Gyrojet pistol, photon-laser pistol, ultrasonic spear, mono-blade survival knife
Gear: Energy tent, beacon, standard binoculars, commlink, personal data device, projected light device, water purification filter, smartsuit w/gliding, re-breather, wall walker system, Gyrojet ammo (100 rockets, 50 armor piercing, 50 heat seekers), hover board, 2700 credits
Cyberware: Cerebral co-processor (Smarts Increase 1)



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