EP-177-CF "Charles"

Machine inherits a company, next a world?


Name: EP-177-CF
Alias: Charles
Player: Talon
Race/Species: Bioreplica
Class and Level: Smart Hero 3 / Technosavant 2 (Future, pg 31)
Nationality: Colonial
Allegiances: None.
Reputation: +1 Heir, +1 Smart

Strength: 24
Dexterity: 19
Constitution: -
Intelligence: 15
Wisdom: 14
Charisma: 10

Fort Save: +1Smart
Ref Save: +1Smart +1Savant
Will Save: +2Smart +1Savant

Defense: +1Smart +1Savant +1Armor +4Dexterity = 17

Attack: +1 Smart +0Savant +7strength/4Dexterity = +8 Melee / +5 Ranged

Action Points: 8 (6 + 1/2 Level)

Skills: (Total points 68 = (8+2Intx6)Smart+(6+2)x1Savant.)
6 Computer Use
5 Craft (Electronic)
5 Craft (Mechanical)
Decipher Script
5 Demolitions
5 Disable Device
Gather Information
6 Investigate
5 Knowledge (Tactics)
5 Knowledge (Business)
5 Knowledge (Technology)
+ Technopile (1/2 Technosavant Lvl to identify tech)
5 Listen
5 Profession
3 Repair
6 Research
5 Search
5 Sense Motive – C
7 Spot
5 Treat Injury

Speak Language – C: Binary, Basic/Common/English, Technocant
Read/Write Language – C: Binary, Basic/Common/English, Technocant


Hall (Military/Coporate Contact)


Clothing set (casual business suit with optional tie)
Clothing set (PMC fatigues, light tactical for gear)
Light Undercover Shirt; NonProf +1, MaxDex +7, ArmorPenaltry -0, SpdMod n/a, 2lbs
Grav Shield; DR 5/

Laser Pistol w/underarm holster; 2d6 Damage, Crit 20, Ballistic, Increment 40ft, Semi/Auto, Mag 20, Wgt 2.5lbs; Multiple Use Item with Fusion Torch, Sound Supressor
Knife (Cougar Fine Blade); 1d4 Damage, 19+ Crit, Slashing/Piercing, Increment 10ft, 1lb
Multipurpose tool
Display Contacts (Fu 70), Wrist Computer (Fu T 17), Universal communicator (Fu 71)

1st: Memory Implant (The E-Ghost)
1st: Educated (Tactics, Business)
Smart lvl 2: Lightning Reflexes
3rd: Personal Firearms Proficiency
Technosavant lvl 1: Salvage

Smart lvl 1: Savant (Disable Device)
Smart lvl 3: Savant (Demolitions)

Robotic Accessories:
Fusion Core (Purchase DC 30, Future Tech pg 87)
Class VIII Sensor Upgrade (Purchase DC 25, Future pg 185)
(+2 Demolitions, Disable Device, Forgery, Listen, Repair, Search, and Spot checks. +2 Initiative. Gains Scent ability.)
Wisdom Upgrade to 14 (Purchase DCs 23, 24, 25, Future pg 187)
Intelligence Upgrade to 15 (Purchase DCs 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, Future pg 187)
Dexterity Upgrade to 19 (Purchase DCs 25, 26, 27, Future pg 187)
Strength Upgrade to 24 (Purchase DCs 28, 29, 30, Future pg 187)
AV Recorder (Purchase DC 13, Future pg 187)
AV Transciever (Purchase DC 16?, Future pg 188)
Integrated Cellphone/Radio/Thingie (Purchase DC 11, Future pg 188)
Internal Storage Unit 20lbs x2 (Purchase DC 8, Future pg 188)
Vocalizer (Purchase DC 10, Future pg 188)
Magnetic Feet (Purchase DC 12, Future pg 189)
Survivor Array (Purchase DC 29, Future pg 189)
Self Repair Unit (Purchase DC 25, Future pg 190)


Quick material insert from Skype
My concept is rapidly becoming fun in my head.
See, at first I was all like ‘it gonna be a military robotz’ and now I’m all ‘it was never in the military’ but it was a military model sold to a PMC as a bodyguard unit. Meat stuff only stops bullets so well after all.
So two $65k robot later and the Company Exec has a pair of robots to cover him and push back bothersome press.
They look good on camera of course, but are about as stiff as any doll, and can’t be intimidated.
Okay, Exec has children (I’ve not fleshed them out yet, or even the number), but they are fighting over the company assets. So, the Exec gets irritated and just shoves his entire assets onto his two bodyguard robots saying “They’ve done more for me than you ever have!”
Well it was never proven exactly who make the attack but anti-tank ordance went into the Exec’s office leveling both robots and the Executive a few months later. However, the armored chassis’s of the robots protected their main systems making them still by all counts ‘alive’. Caretaker’s assigned, decisions made, children found to be assholes to the guardian overseeing the repairs to the units assessed that they would need ‘cognative upgrading’ to be sufficent in handling themselves as individuals.
The children in the mean time worked a plan turning the company public to secure their future’s; it’s all a bit technical.
I figure the two robots decided between themselves that it would be best to avoid actually ‘controlling the company’ and better off representing it, however, they also tactically assess the other organic descendants as a potential threat that needed to be neutralized without collateral damage.
The units merely linked processing power using their expanded tactical networks linked up with the company’s mainframe, and drew on its information to merely shift the company control around, and all but dump the children out trust funds and putting the company firmly in the hands of what they evaluated to be the best choice among shareholder’s board.
I kinda named him Francis Etxaterri in my head.

EP-177-CF "Charles"

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