Harvest Bodhisattva Adams

Future Cowboy with Apache features and Celtic Tatoos


Name: Harvest Bodhisattva Adams
Race: Human 2.0 (Pg 20)
Concept: Agricultural/Documentation

Agility d8
Strength d6
Smart d6
Spirit d8
Vigor d6

Derived Attributes
Charisma 4
Pace 6 Run 1d6"
Parry 2
Toughness 2+3+1=6 + Armour
Firewall 4 (Has TAP)
Strain 5
Street Cred 2

Advanced Ability: Agility d6
Arrogant Hindrance (Major)
Attractive Edge: +2 Charisma
Genetic Abnormality: Smart
Savant: Piloting d6
Superior Immune System: +4 Resist effects of disease

Major Shell Shock
Minor Magnet
Minor Debt to Corp to purchase Improved Knowcomp
Major Vow (CAF forces)

1 Ace Drone (Drone Jockey) +2 Boating, Piloting, and Driving with drones
2 Beast Master (Animal Companion: Biodrone)

  • (Granted) Ex-Soldier
    4 Elan (2 to total on roll when you spend a bennie for a trait roll including soak roll)
    5 Command (
    1 to compatriots to Spirit roll to recover Shaken condition)

Occupation: Gear Head: Requirement Ace and Piloting d6 Perks: Vehicle Control
Interface with Strain 1

Improved Knowcomp d8 Skill Strain 2 (10,000 with minor Debt)
Beautification Treatment +2 Charisma Strain 2 (10,000 Augment money)
Vehicle Control Interface I Strain 1 (Free Perk of Occupation)

Piloting d10 (2 pt + Savant) (drone, mech)
KnowComp Knowledge (Agriculture) d8 (Specialization Railgun, Missile Launcher)
Drive d6 (2 pts) (tank)
Boating d6 (2 pts)
Persuasion d6 (3 pts) (Diplomacy, Seduction)
Riding d8 (3 pts) (Biodrone)
Shooting d12 (3 pts) (pistol, Energy Pistol, Energy Rifle, Railgun, Missile Launcher)
Survival (Forest) d4 (1 pts)
Fighting d8 (2 pts) (longblade, CQC-Unarmed, CQC-knife)
Athletics d6 (2 pts) (Sport Base Jumping)


Security Biodrone ‘Ursus Major’

Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d10, Strength d12+4, Vigor d12
Skills: Fighting d8, Notice d10, Athletics (Swimming, Climbing) d8
Pace: 8; Parry: 6; Toughness: 10(2)

Special Abilities
Full TAP
• Fearless: Biodrones are immune to fear and Intimidation while under direct control, but may be smart enough to react to fear-causing situations appropriately.
• Sensors: Biodrones are equipped with sensor packages that halve penalties for darkness, can detect sounds, or record conversations via directional microphones.
• A biodrone hit with EM damage goes uncontrolled. They are also organic, and are vulnerable to attacks targetting living things.
• Fleet-Footed: Security biodrones roll a d10 when running instead of a d6.
• Bite or Claw: Str+d6.
• Improved Frenzy: Security biodrones may make two Fighting attacks each action at no penalty.
• Low Light Vision: Security biodrones ignore penalties for Dim and Dark lighting.
• Pounce: Security biodrones often pounce on their prey to best bring their mass and claws to bear. It can leap 1d6” to gain +4 to its attack and damage. Its Parry is reduced by –2 until its next action when performing the maneuver however.
• Go for the Throat: Security biodrones instinctively go for an opponent’s soft spots. With a raise on its attack roll, it hits the target’s most weakly armored location.
• Size +3:
Security biodrones are large creatures bred for their power and stature. They weigh in at approx. 1000 lbs, and are designed as quadrupeds capable of being ridden in the manner of a large cat.


Standard Issue Gear

1 Energy Tent
Non-Penetrating binoculars
Water Purification Filter, reusable, rechargeable
Smartsuit, chosen for a reasonable fit
Rebreather, rechargeable
1 Colony standard energy pistol, for emergencies (2d6 damage, AP 2, Semi-automatic, 50 shots per recharge)
Vambrace sensor suite (50 yard range)
Custom software suites for your TAP or PDD as well as your sensor suite to enhance your work
Monoblade utility/survival knife (Str+d4+2, AP 2)
Herakles: 6 armor, Strength +2 die type
Heavy Weapons Kit: One shoulder or underslung heavy weapon, with charge/ammo pack (requires Herakles armor)
Suboptions include a railgun, rotary grenade launcher, or light autocannon Or missile launcher

AGA X-4 Particle Beam Rifles
AGA PL-1 Pulse Laser Pistol
close combat monoknives

Personal Gear

Personal Gear (spent 9,950)

Katana Energy Sword. Str+d8+2 AP 6 HW wt 7 cost 1500
Back-up Power Pack x2 for Katana $50

Gyro-Jet Pistol by Ammo range 12/24/48 RoF 1 Shots 10 wt 3 cost $400
Armor Piercing 20 boxes is $800
Heat Seeker 10 boxes is $400
Rocket 10 boxes is $400
Total 400 shots and wt 20

Combat Armour p16 $800
Energy Skin p16 $500
Force Field, p17 Personal $2000
Wall Walker System p16 $300
Mineral Detector p15 $100
Hoverboard p15 $200
3D Printer, portable p14 $500
Nutri-Bar x400 p16 $2000 (Nutri-Goodness contractual to eat one bar a day)

Mission Gear


Supplement generator.
Without an injection of this chemical once a week, your biodrone will develop an extremely aggressive cancer and die within 72 hours. It is specifically designed to prevent the thing from going uncontrolled and damaging the environment over the long term.

Agriculture Mission

A Ton of soil you brought in constructed containers
One ton of neutral, pre-regulated farming soil, and several food stock seeds.
Mostly roots and vegetables.

Coffin Lab Agriculture Research Station
This is, like the other two scientists, able to scan samples, analyze DNA, compare to known species.. Not to mention store your findings about the native species here. As for your farming -food species
, you do have a molecular gastronomist on site. As for labor animals, you have a zoologist. As for plants for materials, like the bioscum, or trees for structural wood, you have a botanist. And a civil engineer. So the gaps in your knowledge from your rush education are filled in through team redundancy.-

Coffin Embryonic Station
full of animal embryos
16 of each of the following, 6 male, 10 female: stock bovines from a heavy grav world, called aurochs. They are devolved proto-cattle. Bison/buffalo/yak/cow traits.
Secondly, a meaty egg-laying bird, with chicken and turkey traits
Tertiarily: a meaty rodent omnivore, guinea pig relative
Two wonderful trash bins: boar and goat.
There is enough gear in your lab coffin to gestate these as needed.
What you can’t do with this lab is clone more.

What -has
been sent, is a variant of pond scum tailored to grow in troughs, and be harvested for biofuels and raw plastics materials. Non-edible, but useful. Great for refilling the matter assembler.Now, you’d have been warned. The bioscum is insanely hearty.Fresh water, sea water, even dew on the ground, and this stuff can reproduce like wildfire. Which is why it is grown in troughs.-

E-dible Kelp
However, among the foodstock is some edible kelp, which grows rather fast.
First, netting, alot of it. Suitable for creating fisheries in local water.
-Rhino Plow
There’s a deployable tiller for the Rhino…Plows a set of furrows 20 feet wide, and a foot deep.

The mech is more than capable of driving fences using local wood

Reality Show Mission

Half-dozen camera drones the size of a human head, all hover built, with their own storage/recharge coffin. They have night vision, thermographic, low light and visible light spectrums, and high quality sound pickups. They also have transmit capability of 2 miles, barring bad interference, to data storage in their coffin. They also can double as mobile hove-spotlights. Their AI makes them the equivalent of trained cameramen.

A redundant data drop on the dropship, and the ship. They’re not funding this to lose the footage. So, when your camera drones lock in to recharge, the coffin downloads their data. Then they beam it to the dropship.And whenever the dropship hits orbit, it backs up on the ship.

Requirements: Novice, Vigor d6+, Fighting d6+, Shooting d6+
“Sir! Yes, sir!” You served in a regimented military outfit. It
might have been a corporate paramilitary unit, government
controlled army, imbedded guerilla force, or freelance mercenary
unit. The nature of your background probably colors your
attitudes toward things like money, patriotism, and honor. You
gain a +1 bonus to your Toughness. You also add weapons,
armor, and/or Augments totaling 5,000 credits in value to
your possessions.
All of your required stats are advanced to the minimums for this Edge.
If you already had Fighting or Shooting, it advances by 1 die type.
Major Hindrance: Vow (CAF Military Service)

Experience 25 xp: Rank Seasoned
Advance 1: Smarts to d6
Advance 2: Shooting d10 to d12
Advance 3: Piloting d8 to d10
Advance 4: Edge: Elan
Advance 5: Edge: Command


Harvest Bodhisattva Adams Background

Harvest Adams is developing celebrity designed to be the front personality for the mission and future colonization. His name was changed to Harvest Bodhisattva Adams after market studies suggested that Adams tested well for the association with the first person to colonize a planet. Harvest tested well to suggest the future bounty of the newly colonized world. Bodhisattva tested well as a large portion of hindu decedents would be investing in the future colonization. Harvest’s genetic code includes splicing in significant portions of hindu genetic code to further help his identification with the early adopters.

Harvest’s stated mission is to provide a documentary filming his establishment of Agricultural Farm on the planet. The base footage will be post edited and sold in multiple feeds. Expected feeds include various documentaries on the different species on the planet(National Geographic or Animal Planet), troubles setting up a colony with farm (History Chanel), individual recordings of the crew for interactions in a confined environment (Reality TV), various commercialization of items used (Product placement and Endorsements) with the colony and the planet’s attraction for future land sales (Land Promotion Ads).

Harvest was chosen for his healthy appearance and not for his intellect. His contract provided a KnowComp with the required information for Agriculture. The contract also charged the cost of the KnowComp to his future earnings which is expected to be paid off provided the future feeds successfully sell. His skill with drones was chosen to help operate camera drones to make sure things are documented.

The BioDrone and Riding skill were chosen to provide a romantic cowboy angle to the personality. He’s got training in shooting and fighting to help reinforce the image of a Frontier Cowboy of the Old West in the future.

Harvest has also been provided with a market tested Beautification Treatment as part of his contract. The treatment besides the regular subtle alterations of features included providing him with more a Native North American appearance with a variety of Celtic tattoos. It was felt that this would provide Harvest with more a native savage visual that would sell the Tarzan Greystoke image of the colonization. A Human 2.0 having to go native to survive amongst the beasts and non-2.0 Humans. The Biodrone companion is to further emphasize the image which is why they custom made an exotic instead of using a standard horse. It was felt that the combining of more ferocious and exotic creatures would provide more of a Jungle book or King of the Apes feel. There are plans to sell similar exotics to the future colonists and to make a range of action figures featuring Harvest and his companion.

His preparation for the mission has included being checked out on the mission mech and tank. It is expected that he will use the mech to help clear the land for seed beds. He was also given a crash course in Forest Survival as that is the expected bio-sphere for the colonization mission.

His biggest danger is that is genetic code has been selected to look healthy on the visuals. His brains are sub-par compared to most people on the mission. He needs to rely on his KnowComp to appear intelligent in the field of Agriculture.

Prior to his contract being picked up, Harvest was a struggling actor with an average sports career. His preferred sport is base jumping. He tested well in visuals and was a fresh face to spin in the media.

While Harvest is a good shot with a pistol and an average fighter with a sabre or katana; he has no actual battle experience. His training has mostly been with simulation and computer generated special effects. He has no real battle training beyond a few days of mission boot camp where they gave him the forest survival course and checked him out on the mission gear. It is unknown how he would react in a stress situation but it is not expected that he will need real battle skills. There are soldiers on the mission for that job. His job is to look good for the drones which means looking like he knows how to hold a pistol and wield a sword.

Harvest Bodhisattva Adams

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