Saitō Megumi 諡五体齋藤恵

A small regally-dressed young woman with a steely gaze.


Race: Bioroid
Concept: Drone Wrangler
Occupation: Lady of Leisure

Agility d8
Strength d4
Smarts d10
Spirit d6
Vigor d4

Derived Attributes:
Charisma = 0 (-2 outsider)
Pace 6", Run +1d6"
Parry = 2
Toughness 2+2-1=3 + Armour (1)
Firewall 4 (Has TAP)
Strain 1
Street Cred 2

EMP Vulnerability
Dual Processors: d6 Smarts
Marked: Outsider Hindrance (-2 Charisma penalty)
Primary Protocol: d6 skill
Unnatural: Psionics -2 penalty to affect

Outsider (-2 Charisma penalty from race)
Quirk (Minor) – Self-centered and egotistical
Racist (Minor) – 2 Charisma on other races
Small (Major) – -1 toughness

Jack of All Trades [represents experience from age] – unskilled Smarts at d4
Filthy Rich (5x starting funds. $500,000 income)

Vehicle Control Interface I (Hyperchrome 1) – ? slots, +1 vehicle operation rolls

Driving (Car) [AG] d4
Fighting (MA:Akijitsu) [AG] d8
Gambling [SM]
Hacking [SM]
Healing [SM]
Investigation [SM]
Knowledge (All) [SM]
Knowledge (Programming) [SM] d6
Notice [SM]
Persuasion [SP] d4
Piloting (Remote) [AG] d10
Repair (Robotics, Weapons, Propulsion, Sensors) [SM] d8
Shooting (Remote Weapons, Pistol) [AG] d6
Stealth (Sleight of Hand, Sneaking) [AG] d4
Streetwise [SM]
Survival [SM]
Taunt [SM]
Tracking [SM]

Standard Issue Gear:
1 Energy Tent
Non-Penetrating binoculars
Water Purification Filter, reusable, rechargeable
Smartsuit, chosen for a reasonable fit
Rebreather, rechargeable
1 Colony standard energy pistol, for emergencies (2d6 damage, AP 2, Semi-automatic, 50 shots per recharge)
Vambrace sensor suite (50 yard range)
Custom software suites for your TAP or PDD as well as your sensor suite to enhance your work
Monoblade utility/survival knife (Str+d4+2, AP 2)

Personal Gear:
BOB Armored Cape +1
UP Hoodyz +1
SO Miyamoto K-Tana DMG: d4+d8+2 AP 4, HW
Random fashion / jewelry wardrobe (15,000 CRED)


Saitō Megumi 諡五体齋藤恵

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